Doll Ballerina Making Kit

Doll Ballerina Making Kit

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No need for needles or pins, it's so easy! The little ones will be able to create their own ballerina based on threads and colors. Ideal for promoting imagination and creativity!

Age: From 5 years old.     

Includes: 1 soft doll, fabrics, flowers,, double-sided tape, colored pencils 








  • Give your child the means to create their very own adorable ballerina doll at home without the use needles or stitching.
  • This kid-friendly 3M kit includes a soft-body doll, yarn hair, beads, fabric, accessories, adhesive tape and glue, face template, colored pencils, birth certificate, and detailed instructions for use, ensuring hours of doll building fun.
  • Pin and needle-free operation allows younger children to build their own dolls without the risk of injury.