Professor Puzzle 6-in-1 Game Compendium Set

Professor Puzzle 6-in-1 Game Compendium Set

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This handcrafted wooden games compendium is filled with six of the best-known games and pastimes from around the world.

No home should be without any of these classic games.

These beautifully finished wooden favorites bring together classic board games and pastimes. With everything you need to play backgammon, chess, checkers, pick-up sticks, cards and dominoes, this is a must-have for any games cupboard and is guaranteed for hours of family fun.

Set contains:

Chess - become a master of the classic two-plater strategy board game

Checkers - refine your diagonal and jumping moves

Backgammon - one of the world's oldest board games

Dominoes - explore the many tile games that have been played for centuries

Pick-up Sticks - a dexterity game of physical and mental skill

Cards - endless games of chance and skill can be played with one pack.