Timio Player Starter Kit

Timio Player Starter Kit

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TIMIO, the interactive, educational audio and music player helps your child grow and grows with your child, by developing their vocabulary, imagination, and cognitive skills in a playful way from the age of 2 to 6.

The youngest children connect sounds and images that turn into words. As they grow, they listen to stories, dance with music, sing children songs, or learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and animals. The oldest children discover 8 languages and answer quizzes!

With 60 different audio exercises grouped in 5 themes, the TIMIO Starter Kit offers 90 minutes of interactive play time and fun.

  • Screen-free edutainment - TIMIO offers a safe and fully interactive experience to educate and entertain your child without worrying about screen time.
  • Easy to use - Requires no Internet connection or set-up, children are in control and can play and learn safely with TIMIO without adult supervision.
  • Great for travel - With its ergonomic handle, handy headphone jack and disc storage bag, TIMIO is the perfect travel companion for car, train, or plane rides.